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7/7 Marathons






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Jim�s worldwide journey will include events in:

       Anchorage , Alaska on June 21, 2008  
Completed Successfully

       Dublin , Ireland on October 27, 2008

        Hong Kong in February 2009

        Brisbane , Australia in July 2009

        Mt. Kilimanjaro , Tanzania in March of 2010

        Sao Paulo , Brazil in June 2010

         Final �Ice Marathon� in Antarctica in December 2010.
This final race will actually be 100 km or 62.1 miles in distance.

Jim plans on finishing 3 marathons and 1 ultra event measuring 32 miles in distance before heading off for the 7 / 7 Challenge.  He has made it clear that he will incur all of the expenses of his travels and hopes other driven runners will contact Clinic of Angels to join our Clinic of Angels Dream Team.  Runners can join Jim for one or all events.

We hope you will spread the word about this truly inspiring venture and contact us to be a single or corporate donor, member of our running team, or to sponsor a team member as they join Jim in raising sorely needed monies to continue our work of hope and healing for so many under-counted, under-treated, and under-represented patients.



You could pledge $1 per mile or even $10 per mile, 

Or pledge per marathon completed, 

Multiples of (26) miles per race or per seven marathons 

get us all excited and supports Jim in his efforts in Spirit supporting us!

You may click on this link filling out the information and mail it.


You may click to donate via our SunTrust Secure payment site. 


Becoming an Running Angel

When Donating by clicking this link please include

the number 7 or 26 in your donation be a running angel.

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