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Hi Folks,

May 7,

Heading into the last month or so until the first race of the 7 / 7 Challenge, my health is in good shape.  I've been nursing an Achilles injury that I suffered in April during a tune up �ultra� race in Wisconsin in April.  It hasn't proven to be too serious.  I've been getting physical therapy and the therapist has taken excellent care of me.  She not only helped me to heal, but is finding ways for me to build strength in other areas so I can avoid further injuries.  I'm up to about 55 miles a week and feeling pretty good. 


April 3rd 

Hi folks,

I'm currently in training getting ready for a race in Northern Wisconsin , it is a 50 kilometer Ultra Marathon.  I've been looking forward to this run for a while.  I'm using it as a personal starting off point for my formal training for the 7/7 experience.  It is run through muddy trails in the north woods and should provide for an arduous physical and mental challenge.  With just under three months until the first 7/7 marathon in Anchorage , AK , my training is exactly where I want it to be.  My health is good, just the usual aches and pains.  I'll be sure to report the results of the upcoming ultra, and will have some pictures to share as well.
As of now, there are going to be roughly 3,500 runners in the Mayor's Marathon ( Alaska ), my first of the 7/7 events on June 21, 2008.

March 1st

I am currently in Chicago, and getting my foundation built for the marathon season. Building a foundation for running a marathon is as important to building a foundation for the Clinic of Angels patients. One step at a time, allows us all to get stronger. Whether it is the strength required to run a marathon or to get out of bed with renewed energy to greet the day.

I don't know what takes more courage and strength? Running a marathon with a healthy body, or getting out of bed when you have one of the debilitating diseases treated by Dr. Cichon. 

Check back for more, 

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