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Training Tips:
In training for any marathon it is very important to build a base.  A good benchmark to reach to be able to begin a regimented training schedule is to be able to run 6 miles with a relative amount of comfort.  If you are already at that point great, if not slowly build up to it.  If you can't run for very long than mix in walking with your runs.  Get your body used to being on your feet and moving forward.  A good rule of thumb for a training pace is to run at a level of exertion where talking in a casual way becomes slightly difficult.  Once you get to the point where you can run 6 miles (running a local 10K is a great way to measure yourself), you will want to get into a routine training program.  There are multiple different programs out there to consider, do a Google search of "marathon training", you'll find many.  I've found along with thousands of others that a coach named Hal Higdon has a great program for beginners. 
A few of things I've picked up as I've done training:
1. Always be drinking water.  All day, everyday. 
2. Stretch before and after running....most importantly after.
3. Ice any aches and pains....no matter how minor.
4. If you can tolerate a little pain, fill a bath tub with cold water and a bag of ice.  Soak for ten to fifteen minutes.  I always do this after long runs. 
5. Try to work some strength training in.  Even if it is just a few push-ups and sit-ups after a run.  The extra strength will help when your legs are fatigued.
6. Diets will vary from person to person.  My two best tips.  No soda. Eat more salmon.
7. If you skip a run or have a bad run....move on from it.  Don't feel guilty or doubt yourself. 
8. Get fitted for shoes at a running store.  Half way through your training, buy another pair.  Ill-fitting shoes or shoes that have too many miles will cause injuries. 

Running sites I use:

http://www.active.com/   is a great site for all sports and it has a great section on running http://www.active.com/running/  with links to most races and online registration, training, nutrition, gear, etc.


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